Bioagrafi av Ønologen José

Bioagrafi av Ønologen José

Kvifor byje å jobbe med vin? Den dyktige ønologen José fortel om si bakgrunn og tilfeldigheitane som førte han til vinens verden.

Etter mange års erfaring i vinmarka, driv han idag sitt eige firma "El Educador en Vinos" der han held kurs, foredrag med meir. Les nærmare om den spennande historia hans! 

My passion for wine does not begin with a family tradition for generations and generations. In my family there’s never been winery or vineyards. Coincidence or fate has been those that have led me to enjoy today with my work and my passion: Wine. At the end of the eighties I had to decide which studies I had to pursue at the University but I had no clear ideas about it.

Walking in Logroño, my hometown and where I live, I found a billboard about wine studies. They weren’t college studies but they sounded fantastic living in La Rioja, one of the most known Spanish wine regions. So I started two years of oenology in Logroño and I fell in love with grapes, vineyards and wine tastings. I fell in love so much that I decided to continue my studies in France, in the most known Wine region: Bordeaux.

There I passed my best four years studying oenology and learning French at the same time. The best training for working in the world of wine ever!!!

After studying I decided that I would like to work as a wine analyst in a laboratory, but after trying in a couple of wineries in Rioja I realized that it was so boring, I needed to be with clients, explain the wine making process and the wine tasting, etc. I’ve tried in a few wineries like Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, but I found my place in “Bodegas y Museo de la Cultura del Vino Vivanco” in Briones, La Rioja. I’ve been working as a public relations and wine tasting teacher for seven years. With these responsibilities I found my real passion and my true vocation.

Nowadays I have my own small company called “El Educador en Vinos” (The Wine Educator) and that’s what I do, I educate in the wine world to everybody who needs it, professionally or amateur. I work with wineries making visits in Spanish, French, English or German, tasting their wines. I work with the Government of my region, La Rioja, to receive their invitees and show them our wonderful wines, town and region. I have a well-known and successful activity called “Wine tasting and Pairing in the Laurel Street in Logroño”, one of the most known “tapas” streets in Spain.

So, this is what I do, what I love and what I want to share with everybody.